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What a beautiful new website!  Very easy to navigate and none of those annoying advertisements!  Congratulations.  Lots of new paintings!  I'll send it on to my friends.   Gail Gamache

Your website is awesome! Very inspirational for our mom : -).   Lily & Otis Treves 

Congratulations, Patricia!  It is a very well designed website and easy to navigate. Your paintings are just beautiful!    Vanda Kayser

Very nice site.  Looks like you took a lot of time and catagorizing to make it 'just right'. Can't wait to see some new Art. Have you ever thought about doing wolves or just dog portraits (no backgrounds)?  Might be a thought!    Dawn Jachim from Shinysun's

Your website is excellent, very well organized and right to the point, and your art is awesome.  Love the hockey players, love the interiors, and love the dogs, etc. etc.  And thanks for nice vote of confidence.  Hope to see you soon....    Carole Segal

Patricia....the new website is fabulous!  It's very clear and we get to see your talent well presented!  Love it!
Rhea Tock

Just simply awesome, Patricia.  Such work in achieving this website;  such talen and production all in one place!  Impressive list of awards and of participation in art shows.  Congratulations!  I am honoured to know you.   Patricia Spry-Curran

Fabulous website!!  Your paintings of the dogs are incredible and sooo real to life.  The others are also great, but the dogs do get to me!!   Marilyn I.

Your new website is truly beautiful.  I can't begin to imagine the number of hours you have spent but they have all been worthwhile.  It is amazing to see al your paintings gathered here.  You are a brilliant artist.  Well done!
Lorraine Green

The ability to produce such a variety of beautiful paintings in various mediums is truly a statement of one's mastery of one's profession.  But the ability to create such a display is a testimony of your brilliance.  Congratulations your web site is magnificent.     Brian

I was very impressed with your web site. The scope of your artwork is amazing. Do you do cats as well as dogs? Your horses are really outstanding, they look so gentle and noble. Love the artwork and found the web site easy to navigate. Well done. Will visit it again for any new updates.     Mary McPhee



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